Ketosis Diet - What Exactly Are Ketones?

30 Apr

Have you heard about the Ketosis diet? If you are not aware of what this diet is all about then you should visit this website to really get to know it. The Ketosis diet is basically a high-fiber, high-protein, minimal-calorie diet, which in medical circles is primarily used to treat severe epilepsy in epileptic children. However, the Ketosis diet has its advantages as well as disadvantages for those who are looking to lose weight and keep their body healthy and fit.

There are more basic things that you need to know about the Ketosis diet before actually implementing it into your daily diet.
One of the main advantages of the keto diet is that it helps people with weight issues and obesity to lose weight easily. When you are on a keto diet, you get to enjoy unlimited amounts of food as long as they come from natural sources such as vegetables, fruits, and meats. Also, you will be able to reduce or eliminate the amount of pasta, rice, breads, potatoes and other snacks that you have in your daily diet. Because of the limitation in the food intake, you can significantly reduce your calorie intake without feeling hungry and deprived. This is also one of the main reasons why people refer to the Ketosis diet as "starvation mode".

Another advantage of the Ketosis diet is that you get to enjoy a calorie-free state during fasting. Unlike most forms of diets wherein you will be severely hungry until you receive your next meal, in the ketogenic diet, you eat your meals normally as long as you want. You can even eat more food than usual, if you want to. However, you should still monitor your calorie intake otherwise you may over-consume calories by overeating. You should still keep in mind that there is no magic stage where you can say you are in a calorie-free state.

With the normal level of glucose being high in our body, it becomes difficult for us to use up our stored fat stores. The Ketosis diet has been found to drastically reduce the levels of glucose in the human body, significantly reducing the storage of body fat. By reducing the amount of glucose in the body, the amount of fats in your body is reduced, resulting to less fat accumulation and weight loss. Some researchers have found that even individuals with high LDL cholesterol levels did not gain weight while they were on a ketosis diet of 60 grams of carbohydrates per day.

As a side note, we should always remember that even though we are on a Ketosis diet, we should still maintain a well-balanced diet consisting of a lot of fiber, vegetables, fruits, and other low-fat foods. We should also exercise regularly so that we can improve our metabolic rate and prevent the chances of developing cardio-related illnesses such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. In fact, a recent study has shown that losing just one pound of weight can lower the level of insulin required to control glucose in the blood by up to 15%. Even if it may seem like a drastic change in diet and exercise, it can really help in preventing serious cardiovascular diseases. It has also been found out that those who have been on a Ketosis diet have a significant decrease in triglycerides, high density lipoproteins, and increased total blood sugar concentration.

Most people have found that they can lose some weight initially by simply cutting down on the amount of calories they intake. However, if they do not take into consideration any possible side effects such as dehydration and intoxication, they are not doing themselves any good. It is better to trim down the amount of calories and begin a moderate exercise routine so that weight loss will eventually become easier. In order to maintain a healthy, continuous and gradual weight loss, it is best to incorporate Ketones into our daily lifestyle so that we can permanently eliminate any chances of experiencing negative side effects. Discover more here:

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